How to Avoid Getting Scammed on eBay with Pictures

For cars, you can also try getting a vehicle history report. Be cautious about any listings with unusually low prices, too. If a listing price seems too good to be true, it may be a scam. Before purchasing anything from marketplace, be sure that you inspect the item to make sure that it’s not damaged, faulty, recalled, or stolen. Ask the seller to send you different angles of the item so you know they actually have it in their possession.

  • Yes they gave a reason for it, but it just gave buyers a free pass to do whatever they want.
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  • The only way that players will be able to access the DLC content for some of these games is if they own the remastered versions.
  • Facebook declined to comment on how its policies apply to accounts that belong to people charged with crimes connected to Marketplace.

Obviously you wouldnt purchase something that was really fishy, but it would be ludicrously harsh if some unsuspected buyer was prosecuted if they purchased something in good faith that was actually stolen. I didn’t see this particular seller’s listings but I’ve been scouring ebay to find a good deal for “hard to find” Star Wars sets since I am just restarting this hobby. Although I’m usually very careful when it comes to ebay I will be more cognizant of weary sellers. As expected, the feedback from the first few winners started coming in stating they had paid and not had any communication from the seller. I notified eBay that the seller still had many active listings but no action was taken. I took it upon myself every night to email every bidder to warn them and point them to the feedback.

Can I Appeal a Case if eBay Sides With the Buyer?

There are a number of different scams that operate on eBay, and the best way to avoid getting scammed is by knowing what they are. Common scams include phishing attempts, empty boxes, feedback extortion, and more.

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ProPublica found four active Facebook accounts belonging to people charged with murder related to Marketplace transactions. Of those, two still had active listings on Marketplace.

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Never pay someone with gift or money cards – if they ask you for this – red flag for a scam. CASH APP FRAUD – Zelle, Venmo, CashApp and others are great ways to conveniently pay close friends and family or trusted local businesses. It is NOT safe to pay or receive funds from strangers. Scammers use this method of payment frequently since it is linked to your bank account and when you pay another cash app account there is no protection.

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If there is a place where I can sell my wares and have some protection from scammers, please let me know. Buying online always comes with a certain element of risk—credit card fraud, stolen numbers, identity theft, overcharging, etc. However, PayPal and similar platforms guarantee both financial protections and legal recourses and safeguards for buyers and sellers alike. Unfortunately, that often means that sellers who are, in fact, scammers, are more likely to recommend alternative/less monitored methods of payment. Therefore, once the transaction is complete on their end, there is little recourse for the burned buyer.